At the beginning of the first round, each person rolls one die to see who starts the game.  Highest number begins.  If there is a tie, those players roll until the tie is broken.  When the beginning rollers have been decided upon, the *Head Table rings the bell to begin.  The Head Table will ring the bell for each round to begin, or end if someone at the Head Table rolls a Bunco.  (21 points)
*The Head Table controls the game.

1.  One point is scored per team for each number rolled that is "up" for that round.
2.  Bunco = 21 points for the team and one point on score card for player rolling the Bunco.
3.  Baby Bunco = 5 points for team & player rolling Baby Bunco gets a White Elephant.
4.  Wipeout = Team loses all points for that round if the player rolls all "ones" other than in 
     round one.
5.  If the Head Table rolls a Bunco, they ring the bell and the round stops at all tables.  (If 
     other players are currently rolling, they finish their turn and collect their points.

  • At the end of each round, each player marks their individual score card with W or L
    (Winner or Loser)
  • Play continues for two complete sets (sequence of 6 rounds each).  At this point, we will have dessert and/or potty break.  When the last two sets have been completed, each person then adds up their total Buncos, Wins, Losses, & Wipeouts from each round and writes the totals at the bottom of their score sheet.  Prizes are awarded at this time.

Basic Rules

To begin the game, each player draws a Bunco card.  (A sticker will indicate Table #1)  The bell is rung at Table #1 to signal the beginning of a round.  Table #1 always controls the game.  When to begin and when to end.  Play is accomplished by throwing all 3 dice at the same time.  The person sitting across from you is your partner for the round.  There are 2 teams per table.  All partners roll for 21 points, no matter what number is being rolled.  Tables #2 and #3 continue rolling, even if they accumulate 21 points, until Table #1 (Head Table) reaches 21 points.  A Bunco at Table #1 would end the round.  Four sets are played, consisting of 6 rounds each.  Each round starts with rolling ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, and finally sixes.  During round one, the goal is to roll ones, round two - twos, etc.  When a player stops rolling the number of the round, the dice go clockwise to the next player and so on, until the bell rings and someone yells STOP from Table #1 - signaling that the round is over.  After playing rounds 1 through 6, repeat 3 more times for a total of 24 rounds.  (4 games)


This is  a partnership game, so between the two partners, one will keep score for both players.  Points are accumulated by rolling the number for that round.  Each time a player rolls the correct number for the round, her team gets one point.  Example:  Two ones rolled = 2 points, two sixes = 2 points.  Each time a player rolls the correct number for the round with all three dice, it is a BUNCO and her team gets 21 points.  Example:  Round 4 and all three dice rolled are 4s = 21 points.  This would end the round if rolled at Table #1.  The player who rolls a BUNCO marks it on her BUNCO score sheet.  Each player keeps track of the number of BUNCOS she rolls.  Each time a player rolls three dice of any number other than the number being rolled, it is 5 points.  Example:  Round 4 and all three dice rolled are twos = 5 points.  (That is a Baby Bunco).  Each player continues to roll until she no longer scores.  The first team at Table #1 to reach 21 points wins the round (which could be with just one roll of the dice if a BUNCO is called).  The winners ring the bell signaling the end of the round.  (The other two tables may have higher scores).  Play ceases at all three tables, unless a player has rolled a number from that round.  Then she may finish her play.  The team with the highest score at Tables #2 and #3 wins that round.  At the end of each round, players mark their scorecards for a win or loss.  If the score is tied at the end of a round, there is a "Roll-Off".  A "Roll-Off" is one complete turn around the table - rolling the current number "up", playing one full round at the table while collecting points.  The team with the most points after the "Roll-Off" is the winner and moves up a table.

Table Rotation

Table #1 - Winning team remains, losing team moves to Table #3
Table #2 - Winning team advances to Table #1, losing team remains
Table #3 - Winning team advances to Table #2, losing team remains

Partners are changed after each round, so players remaining move one seat to the left.  Players moving cannot be a team again for the next round.

Prizes  (How we divvy out our cash & prizes)

$20.00 Cash Most Wins
$15.00 Cash Most Buncos
$5.00 Cash Most Losses
$5.00 Cash Most Wipeouts
$5.00 Cash Booby Prize
$10.00 Gift Door Prize
$???? Gift White Elephants
$12.00 Cash Traveling Bunco

No one player can collect more than one category (except for the White Elephant and the Traveling Bunco).  So, if a player has both the Most Wins and Most Buncos, she can only claim one prize category, and usually it is the higher payout of the two.

In case of a tie for the prizes, the number of Buncos will serve as a tiebreaker.  In case of an absolute tie, we roll off with one die per person.  High number wins.  The loser's card can still be in the running for one of the other prizes.

Most Buncos - 3 of a kind from the number that is "up" for that round.
Most Losses - Self explanatory.
Most Wipeouts - Rolling three ones in a round other than the first round.
Booby Prize - Given to the player who hasn't won anything.  Those name will be drawn from the "Losers Bag", using your game card.
Door Prize - Hostess will be responsible for shopping for a gift and for coming up with a creative idea to win the door prize.

White Elephant  

The White Elephant prizes are taken throughout game play.  When a player rolls a "Baby Bunco" a White Elephant prize is picked from the prize hoopdy.  When another player rolls a "Baby Bunco", she has the choice of "stealing" the opened prize from the other player or taking a new wrapped gift from the prize hoopdy.  (At the end of the four games, and after all prizes have been distributed, if there are still people who have not won anything, and there are people with more than 1 White Elephant, the losers put their names in the "Losers Bag", and the "misers" get to choose one White Elephant they want to keep.  The rest of the White Elephants are put into a circle and names are drawn one at a time for each person to choose their White Elephant.  Everyone goes home with "something".

Traveling Bunco

Whoever rolls the last BUNCO and is holding Bunco Bear at the end of the 4 complete sets wins the "Traveling Bunco" -  $12.00 cash prize.

Hostess Responsibilities

The hostess is responsible for:

1.  The M & Ms
2.  The door prize & creative idea to win it.  ($10.00 for door prize taken from player fees)
3.  Food & Beverages (coffee and soda only)  Otherwise, it will be BYOB...beer, wine, etc. or
     anything else you prefer to drink.
4.  Creating a game theme if time permits, and sending out reminders (phone call, written
     reminder, or email) to let players know what the theme of the day is, etc.
5.  Collecting dues as players arrive and distributing them in the appropriate prize










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